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Pet First Aid Course

Would YOU know what to do if a dog was injured?


Some simple training enables you to learn first aid skills that could save your pet from suffering pain and discomfort, and may even save their life.  People learn first aid skills for humans, but quite often we overlook this skill for our pets.

This course is ideal for pet owners or pet professionals (dog walkers, doggy day-care workers, dog groomers, kennels staff, trainers, handlers, exhibitors, etc.). It covers the main first aid subjects for dogs but the information is also suitable for most other animals. Understanding basic first aid for your pet will give you the skills to assist them when they are ill or injured and prevent a situation from deteriorating before professional help is available.

A Pet First Aid Course does not replace qualified professional care by a local vet, but it is an important skill to be able to help pets in need.

Practical Hands-On Training

With our classroom-based hands-on course, you will learn basic pet first aid skills in a friendly, informal classroom environment at a pace to suit the group. By listening to the instructor, having discussions, practicing the techniques on our dog mannequins and answering questions, you will be in an ideal learning environment.

Pro Trainings Complete Training Package

The Academy @ Firtree is a ProTrainings Pet First Aid teaching centre.  As a registered student on a Pro Trainings course, taught by Pro Trainings approved instructors, you can opt-in to receive a weekly first aid update email which will show you the video of the week and keep you up to date with the latest first aid skills. You can also check out the Pro Trainings blog and associated sites to keep you up to date.

Members of the Pet Industry Federation 

Members of
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The Pet First Aid course was developed, as a basic first aid course for animals, to make it easier for pet owners and the pet industry professionals to learn how to deal with first aid emergencies involving our pets.

Many of us train in first aid and CPR skills for humans, but we don't learn how to adapt this vital life skill to our pets.